January 20, 2019

What to pack in you pregnancy “Go Bag”

What I packed in my Go Bag!

Packing a Go Bag can seem overwhelming, how can you really know what you will need … and what you won’t use at the hospital? Well, here is my list of exactly what I packed to be baby ready!

For you: 

✓ comfortable leggings 

✓ loose fitting shirt, 

✓ Loose dress (in case of a c-section) 

✓ a robe

✓ granny Pantie underwear 😂 I went and got third love ones so I felt less gross. And knix cause they absorb so just in case the pad … ya know ….

✓ nipple cream (hatch mama)

✓ socks, 

✓ rubber band for hair (invisibobble)

✓ nursing bra (third love, bravado, and belly bandit)

✓ toiletries 

✓ Gatorade

✓ water

✓ high protein snacks (lots of snacks) 

✓ head phones

✓ Your baby care plan in a folder 

✓ Gum

✓ Mouth wash

✓ Face wipes

✓ Pads

✓ Eye mask 

✓ Diffuser 

✓ Oil  (so your hubby / partner can rub you!)

✓ Pillows with bright cases or just not white 

✓ Glove (Amazon)

✓ Carmex 

For baby: I put baby stuff in my diaper bag 

✓ Swaddles 

        ✓    Receiving blanket

✓ Baby one piece outfit (2) nothing with leggings because of umbilical cord

        ✓    OUTFIT TO COME HOME IN 

✓ Pacifier

✓ A few newborn diapers (they will also have some at the hospital) 

✓ Diaper wipes 

✓ Beanie

✓ Diaper rash cream

✓ Car seat

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With love,

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  1. Avery R.

    I saw on the list for the baby you said a receiving blanket… what exactly is that used for?

  2. Mikaela

    Where did you get bubs floral knot onesies from?


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