February 14, 2018

3 Ways to love on yourself!

3 ways to love on yourself! 


Self-love is SO important. We spend a lot of our energy loving on others, which is amazing, but we should spend a little energy loving on ourselves as well. There are a plethora of ways to self-love, from mani/pedis, to massages and facials, to just picking up a good book and snuggling in on the couch. I challenge you to love on yourself in at least one, if not all three, of these ways!


1: Lingerie

I don’t know why lingerie is so taboo to speak about. Most of us have something lacy in our undie drawer, if not a whole drawer dedicated to these fun sexy pieces #guily. So, I wanted to come out of my shell a bit and tell you some of my favorite styles. I LOVE a good teddy, this one by Oh la la Cherie covers just enough, and fits so well! My all-time favorite, for my body type, is a bra/undie/garter/thigh high combo by Cosabella. It makes me feel confident in my own skin. I’m a firm believer that lingerie is as much for us ladies, if not more so, as it is for your S.O. It’s a MAJOR confidence booster plus it’s so incredibly fun to get out of your comfort zone and feel empowered in your own skin. Find a fit that makes YOU feel self assured, bold, and sexy and add it into your drawer 😉 DO IT! 

Black is a great go to, but once you have that in your repertoire I highly suggest adding in some red. It’s fiery, bold, confident, and sexy… in my opinion. 

Teddy by Oh La La Cherie

Bra + thong + garter + thigh highs by Cosabella

Shop My Look

2: Thistle

To say Thistle has changed my energy level and confidence is a MASSIVE understatement. I am the worst at eating salads, much less planning a healthy meal. Thistle delivers to my doorstep (on whatever day I specify) and then I just grab and go, or warm them up in a skillet and eat it at home. For someone who hates veggies, you can trust me when I say these meals taste incredible!!!!!  Your gut health is important, and what better way to love on yourself than to give yourself an energy boost and live a cleaner healthier life. Trust me when I say this is a MUST TRY DELIVERY!!!! 


Check out Thistle here 

Use Code: CHANTELLE2FREE to get 2 free meals in your 1st order!!!! 

3: Luxury Beauty Products

Lastly, when your face is glowy, healthy, and beautiful you majorly feel loved by yourself. Here’s the products I’ve been using/rotating weekly 🙂 

Dr. Hauschka facial toner

Dr. Hauschka rose day cream

Kate Sommerville exfoliating treatment

Elemis day cream

+ Codage’s goodies I highly suggest checking out their “custom-made” option. Do the survey and see what they say your skin needs!

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With love,

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