May 11, 2020

My Beauty Routine, Inspirations, and Aspirations.

My Beauty Routine, Inspirations, and Aspirations.

I have yet again partnered with Pantene, a brand I love and work with often. They make amazing hair care at such phenomenal price points and I was so excited about their new Pantene Nutrient Blends Collection. The whole idea for this campain is “HAIRITAGE” which I love!!! So, with that being said, I will be talking about some people who have inspired me, and what I aspire to be so that I am a good role model and source of inspiration for my daughter, Senna.



Take one hour to lock the door and turn off the outside noise in order to make time for self-care, exploration, and reflection on your hair-washing days. AKA during this time at home especially it’s so important for a little “me time”. As you can clearly see in this video, my family all came to hang in the bathroom with me, but today wasn’t a hair-washing day 😉 haha! Tomorrow is though and I am excited to continue this challenge by taking some “me time”. It was so refreshing last week when I took some reflecting time alone while pampering myself!!!

My Pantene Products:

I use the Miracle Moisture Boost with Rose Water. Sulfate-Free Shampoo, Sulfate-Free Conditioner, and Petal Soft Hair Treatment.


We all have people who inspire us, from our own family members to bloggers and celebrities. My list is long!! I could go on a rant for days about my love for Chrissie Teigen and her ability to be herself in all situations. That level of confidence, charisma, and hilarity is truly something I aspire to. BUT I more-so wanted to share two people and two small things they do in their own routines that I picked up on!

My Mom- She taught me that washing your hair is overrated, that’s what baby powder is for! Luckily these days dry shampoo has become all the rage, but I do remember going through my high school days throwing baby powder in my hair on my last two days pre-shower haha. My now husband even mentions remembering my smelling like baby powder, haha!

My Sister- Savannah Labrant, or sissy as I like to call her, taught me that just because we are both too lazy to properly wash our faces at night DOES NOT mean we can’t go to be with a clean face. She introduced me to face wipes and I now use them nightly as well! Clean face, the lazy way!

My Aspirations as a Mom

There are so many things I aspire to be as a mother, but for now we will focus on beauty 😉 I want my daughter to know that true beauty comes from the inside, being a nice and kind person makes you infinitely more beautiful. I also want to instill that makeup and hair are things you do for fun, they aren’t needed. EVERYONE is naturally beautiful in their own way. On that note: I also want her to know that less is more, natural is better, and confidence is better than anything you can “do” to make yourself “prettier”. I want to raise her knowing she is enough, she is strong, she is confident, and she doesn’t need to add a thing to be beautiful.

….it’s just fun to pamper ourselves!!!

Thank you so much again to Pantene for opening up this conversation, and for these gorgeous products that make pampering hour more fun 😉 #ad

With love, Chantelle Paige-Mulligan

With love,


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