September 9, 2019

MOMMY MONDAY … sleeping champion!!

Sleeping Champion

I know sleep is a tough subject to navigate for moms. I spent many hours in mommy & me feeling like I had to hide the fact that Senna was a good sleeper. I felt like I couldn’t celebrate my sleepy babe because it felt wrong to do so with so many others not sleeping well. Since I always encourage others to share and celebrate their triumphs, I decided to do the same.


With that being said, it needs to be said that Sleepy Senna is by nature… well… sleepy! So, like all things mom/baby related, do not judge your little one based on this sleepy little baby! All babies ARE different, truly!

Side note: her sleepiness is probably also why she lazily scoots backwards or rolls all over instead of crawling. See, we all have our strengths 😉

Celebration Time

I got Senna’s weekly Nanit report this morning, she slept an average of 12 hours a night.

  • the crowd goes wild *

Seriously though, how did I get so luckyyyyy!! My next kid will for sure refuse to ever sleep. All that to say, the Nanit report prompted today’s post!

My sister spoke to a sleep specialist!

My little sister, Savannah Labrant, spoke to a sleep specialist and shared one piece of advice that hit home and changed everything for us…


Blackout curtains in a babies room are a must! I was only rolling ours halfway down, this just happened to also be while she was in her sleep regression (and sleeping in a Pack-N-Play haha), but once I started utilizing our blackout curtains, it was a game changer!!

*note: those aren’t my curtains, but inexpensive one’s on Amazon (they are actually where my sister bought hers from though!)

2. Sleep Sack

THIS SLEEP SACK IS A GAME CHANGER!!!! I bought this sleep sack from Sprout, a kids store nearby, on the recommendation from the employee there. She said all the moms rave about it, and she wasn’t wrong. It is pricey, which is its only downfall. I tried to find a similar one on Amazon, but couldn’t (sorry!), but I didn’t want to let an affiliate link get in the way of the BEST sleep sack I’ve found… so, you’re welcome! Affiliate link free goodness! Just sharing from one mom to another 😉

-It’s down, like our comforters.

-Helps regulate body temperature

-Great once the little babes start rolling, since it’s arms free

-Helps Senna sleep SO WELL!!!!

-Only slight downfall is it is $$$

*note: Jokes aside, I only ever do affiliate links for actual products I use or I’m talking about. I will do my best to always let you know a product I’m linking to that I haven’t personally tried yet… like the curtains above 😉

3. Baby Cam

THE NANIT!!! OMG. Both my sister and I have tried FAR too many baby cams. This is both of our favorites!!! I love that it’s overhead and gets an amazing view, and you can zoom in! It has night mode if you want to leave the screen up on your phone, I personally just leave background sound on all night. It works SO well.

Breathing wear. I’ve switched to using this to monitor breathing now. Senna sleeps on her tummy so I’m always a concerned mama, of course. This breathing wear is just a piece of fabric that you put under the little ones arms and the Nanit smart cam monitors their breathing that way. So it’s all on the same app, which I love!

I cannot beam to you enough about my love of this monitor!!!!!

In case you’re curious, my second runner up monitor is the Project Nursery. I loved that it had it’s own monitor, especially when she was a newborn. As a new mama I was always so afraid that my phone would turn off, die, or something crazy, and I’d miss her crying… So, I loved this camera when she was little! BUT, it does cut out at a certain distance, which stinks, whereas the Nanit goes and goes and goes!


My favorite sound machine!! It was recommended to me by a few moms 😉

I also bought the travel version for our trip, and adore that one as well. I now will use the travel one on her door to drown out extra noise if I’m having friends over while she’s asleep.

My sister, Savannah, loves this sound machine. It is REALLYYYY loud… granted, so is her 6 year old daughter Everleigh, so I get it 😉


Her old Project Nursery camera had a blue light on it and Senna would just stare at it!!! The sleep specialist recommended it be pitch black “you don’t even want to see your own hands”. Basically, if it’s completely dark then the baby can’t entertain themselves and stay up… they will get bored, and go back to sleep (hopefully).

The Nanit doesn’t have a light (but still has night vision) and so it allows the room to be DARK!!!! Another reason I love it.

6. My favorite temperature control / purifier!

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cold

I love that it purifies the air, of course!!! BUT it also has climate control, so you don’t have to worry about the room overheating! For me personally, I love that it has a controlled temperature that I can choose and it keeps the room at that temp!


  1. Blackout curtains

  2. Sleep Sack

  3. Nanit with stand

  4. Nanit breathing wear

  5. Marpac sound machine

  6. Travel size sound machine

  7. Savannah’s favorite loud sound machine

  8. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cold


I still SWEAR by the Snoo!! It really was the best possible sleep trainer for Senna. I do give a huge part of her sleepiness up to the Snoo! If you have a baby on the way, it’s worth a look into!!! I’ve also heard that you can now rent them 🙂

Happy Sleeping, mamas!!! Most importantly, no judgement! Whether your little one is sleeping 13 hours a night or 2, you’re amazing!

With love,


*All opinions are my own. Also, I’m not a specialist, nor claiming to be, so please always do your own research and talk to your doctor if/when necessary!

With love,


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