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Let’s be real, every women is terrified of breastfeeding. Leading up to having the baby it was genuinely my my biggest post-childbirth worry! WHAT IF I CAN’T? Well, I’ve since learned there are SO many options if you can’t, if you have trouble doing so, or if you just need to up the supply! Today I’ll be focusing on what products I love for upping the supply + chatting about pumping! BUT I will also give a few tips and tricks I’ve heard in Mommy + Me from my new mom friends who struggled a bit, or weren’t able to at all.


If possible, and you haven’t yet had your baby, talk to your doctor about their thoughts on this.

I had my baby at CPMC in San Francisco, my doctor (and the doctors at this hospital) are firm believers that putting the baby directly on mom once he/she is born greatly increases the chances of successful breastfeeding/latching. I’m no pro, clearly, but there are SO many benefits to having baby directly on mom before they get weighed/washed/etc… Just look into it for yourself 😉 It was the sweetest moment, and within 20 minutes Senna was looking for “the boob”.

** PS I am in NO WAY a doctor and everything written here i just my opinions based on my own personal experience, so please always talk to your doctor before taking my (or anyones) advice! ***


I’ll do another post about the magic of breastfeeding. It seriously is such a sweet moment that I will cherish and miss dearly when we are done! BUT here’s a few favorites…

The FUNNIEST is when she will stop and smile up at me in the middle of eating, and my boob (usually in mid letdown) will start spraying all over! I’m stuck between looking at her cute happy little face and frantically trying to get her to eat again so I don’t get milk all over her and my bed or couch or wherever I’m sitting!!! haha… It’s the best.

The other favorite is post feeding snuggles! When she is just so milk drunk and has the funniest little half sleepy faces that she makes, and we just snuggle up together every morning after her first feeding and cuddle and/or take a little nap together. She’s a close tie with Coulter for my favorite thing to snuggle (she might be beating him currently, just don’t tell him ;p)

 my fav  third love bra  to sleep in!
my fav third love bra to sleep in!


Pumping. THERE ARE SOOOO MANY OPTIONS! I’ve tried 3 pumps this far. My go to pump is The Medela Sonata. It’s quiet and gets the job done, QUICKLY! Which lets be honest, is very important. My sister, Savannah Labrant, has this Medela pump (here) which is less expensive and equally as amazing, it just makes the classic breast pump noise VS the quiet sonata… BUT full disclosure, when Savannah and I were pumping together she was sad she didn’t get my version.

OK! The PersonalFit Flex Shield = Obsessed! It’s their newest edition that removes 11.8% more milk per minute! THE FASTER THE BETTER AMMMM I RIGHT!?!?! It’s the top reason I’m so obsessed with the Medela pump. It’s comfier than the other shields + works more effectively.

For cleaning the pump this is amazing (BUY HERE) and then for cleaning bottles that have had milk in them for awhile THIS!


  2. Savannah’s less expensive Medela pump

  3. The MUST HAVE PersonalFit Flex Shield

  4. Cleaning the pump wipes

  5. Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal soap



  1. Lactation Cookies… I’ve tried and few and THESE are by far my favorite!!!

  2. Making your own! I made lactation protein balls, SO YUMMY.

  3. Honest Lactation Plus

Lactation Consultant!

I had a few friends who had trouble latching! A few came to find that their baby was either tongue tied or lip tied (apparently very common and an easy fix, if you decide you want to). Others just had trouble latching and hired a lactation consultant. Ask your mom friends in your area if they used one they liked, or call the nearest mommy + me class and I’m sure the teacher will have a few amazing recommendations!

Alternatively, Medela has a 24/7 on hand lactation service as well. I have been very lucky so far not having any major issues (knocking on wood as I type, literally!) but they were amazing at talking me through how often to pump and when to do so. I called, it’s a face to face call similar to Facetime or Skype, and spoke to Priscilla the lactation consultant who answered within 30 seconds!!! She was incredibly helpful and walked me through pumping at night vs in the morning, and the difference between doing it after a feeding and an hour between. Then helped me figure out which option was best for me, considering my back to work timeline and how much milk I’d need how quickly. Basically, she was amazing! I can completely see how if I was ever having an off day feeding and needed help this would be INCREDIBLE for easing my new-mom-breastfeeding mind, and answering any and all of my questions!

Medela 24/7 LC


This section will be short and sweet since I’ve yet to use formula!

BUT, one mom friend whose milk supply was too low/ran out early swears by this formula HERE. She said that Hipp Formula is a little expensive but was the only thing her little man would take! Other’s use and love Enfamil cause it’s easy and ready to use and there’s no water/powder mixing mess. Again, I haven’t used either yet to give my own personal opinion, but formula can be a great tool!!! I won’t be afraid to utilize it whenever I might need to,


Whether it’s boob or bottle, milk or formula, mommy feeding daddy feeding or both….. I wish you the best of luck! And the main point is, everyone is unique and feeds their baby in their own way! There is no right or wrong way to do it!!! So don’t stress over something you can’t control, and just remember that no matter what your baby will be fed and loved!! 🙂

With love,


With love,


Come closer.

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