February 11, 2019

Mommy Monday Week 3

Mommy Monday Week 3

Beds + Diapers = Disasters

So, diapers and I dont seem to be the best of friends. Not sure if you knew this, but apparently, you can be snuggling your little one and if they pee, and you’re tilting them just right, it can come sliding down their back & out the backside of their diaper. All over the bed. And you. Oh, did I mention there was just a little bit of that yellowish poop mixed in? Yep. 

Beds + Diapers + Me = Disaster

In other news….

Baby girl is now 3 weeks old and we have her sleeping in her nursery in the Snoo! She really is the sleepiest sleeper! We’ve been going to bed around 11, she sleeps till about 3 or 4am, then again ‘til 9-ish! We’re new parents who are sleeping!?!? We’re just enjoying this while it lasts 😉 

As for me…

I feel like I’m finally starting to feel my ab muscles (or what’s left of them) again. Hello old friends, it’s been about 6-8 months without you & you were missed. Thanks for finally allowing me to sit up without having to grab onto something for leverage.

Highlight of the week…

Prosciutto (our pet mini pig) constantly comes up to Senna and sniffs her, then honks off. We’re pretty sure he realizes he is never going to beat his new lap competition & has decided to make his annoyance abundantly clear. To be fair, he’s been incredibly sweet with her and we couldn’t be more relieved. Smooch (our cavalier), on the other hand, I’m pretty sure doesn’t even realize she exists. I’m still the center of his universe & he lovingly follows me everywhere while completely ignoring her… even when I’m trying to force them to love each other. 

Senna’s highlight… 

She started laughing this week. Nothing makes me smile bigger. She does it when she’s dead asleep…. it starts with a little smile then she giggles out loud wholeheartedly. It’s amazing and I cannot wait for her to actually laugh at something we do or she does!!!! My heart might just explode when that happens. 

Aside from feeling like a walking milk machine still, I’d venture to say that I am absolutely loving motherhood. 10 out of 10. Would do it again. Highly recommended!

Off to snuggle the sweetie before I turn back into a cow.

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With love, 

Chantelle Paige-Mulligan 

With love,

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  1. gracie

    i love mommy monday’s! happy valentine’s day chantelle!💘

    • Chantelle Paige

      LOVE hearing that!


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