February 25, 2019

Getting Out With Ease – Mommy Monday!

Getting Out With Ease – Mommy Monday!

…Well As much ease as you can have with a newborn.

5 weeks

I’m not going to act like I have it all figured out by any means! BUT, this is what has been working for me:

Getting Out With Ease (kinda)

I think a HUGE reason that I felt so comfortable getting out of the house so fast was due to Senna’s jaundice. When your little one has it, you have to go to the hospital labs daily to get their foot pricked. It’s heartbreaking. She did that bottom-lip-quivering-cry that squashes my heart and makes me tear up. We had to do it her first 6 days home in a row 🙁

Sidenote: everyone is sick in the hospital labs and I’ve never clutched her so close as when I was in that waiting room. 

BUT, because we had to go there every morning it made it so we were already out of the house and we would go for a walk to coffee or go get breakfast after. So I got used to being out and about with a newborn. Would I have gotten out quickly after anyways? Who knows! Will I make sure to get out right away with my next baby? YUP!

I genuinely think it helped keep us sane those first few days. Everything is so new and hectic that getting outside and walking to your normal coffee/breakfast/lunch spot just seems to put you at ease and make you feel like you’re still… well… you! 

Here are some of the things that made life easy for getting out!!!! 

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The Things That Saved Me!

THE MIMA STROLLER WITH BASSINET – We live in the city so I just keep this ready to go in the garage, so I can walk out of my house and put her in it and take off! 

THE NUNA STROLLER WITH CAR SEAT – This is the lightest stroller/car seat I’ve come across and I am obsessed. It makes traveling in the car and getting out and about a cinch! 

CAR SEAT BASE– I have the car seat base (life saver and makes getting in and out of the car so easy!) 

– CAR SEAT ATTACHMENTS- These go onto the stroller and make it so you can just clip the car seat onto the stroller and go. Helpful if the baby is sleeping, of course, as well!

DEMI GROW STROLLER is the one I have.

PIPA CAR SEAT is the one I have.

LITTLE GIRAFFE + BAREFOOT DREAMS BLANKETS– A warm blanket is a must!!! These were suggested to me by other moms and have truly been magnificent. She LOVES them and because they keep her so warm and snuggly she stays asleep while out in the world 😉 


I am OBSESSED with these wraps. They are truly amazing! I sometimes skip stroller walks and just take her out on walks in these. Additionally, you can nurse with them!!! I literally can hands-free nurse now guys, AMAZING! 

The wrapping process scared me a little, I was afraid I would do it wrong and have it be disastrous! However, Moby has a specialist on-hand that you can facetime with as they walk you through how to do it! She was so sweet and helpful and made me feel confident in my wrapping skills… If only I could be more confident in my other rapping skills 😉 haha… but really, she was phenomenal! She’s the one that also gave me the insight into nursing in the wrap and it has saved my life! Rather than having to duck into somewhere, or do the awkward blanket over the shoulder trick, you can keep on walking around and nurse your baby and no one knows!!! Unless, of course, they ask to see her, which has happened multiple times and I have to nicely say I’m mid-feeding hahah! 

All this to say…

I have LOVED having these items to get out and about easily! Also, love having a hubby who helps get me out of the house as much as possible. I truly think it’s what has kept me so sane during this transition and made it so I haven’t had any major mom meltdowns (for now at least!). 

With love,


With love,

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  1. Nevaeh


    • Chantelle Paige

      Thanks so so much!

  2. Heather

    Hi. I love you and your little family so mich! Can you please shout me out om your instagram. @heathervance06. You are amazing!!!!😁

  3. Miranda Doll

    Do you have tips for breastin public? My daughter is just a few days older than yours and I find it difficult to do. I pump a bottle but then get engorged while we are out. (I live an hour away from our shopping district in a small little town)

    • Chantelle Paige

      Honestly, I think it’s just owning it! Not being embarrassed to do something so incredibly natural and necessary in public. I love the Milk snob car seat cover that seconds as a breastfeeding cover… but what I honestly use the most is the Moby wrap or the Solly Baby wrap. I just do it a little looser so she’s down a hair lower and I put her on my boob in that 😉 Honestly, no one even notices… and if they do, who cares!? 😉


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