July 15, 2019

No crib in our new crib  – Mommy Monday

No crib in our new crib.

We don’t have a crib in our new crib (Are you only allowed to use that term while on MTV? Maybe that should be a thing). But really, our old nursery goods, baby crib included, are still all being used as staging at our old house. 

Why would you leave your crib?

Great question! We have the Snoo which Senna was meant to be in until 6 months at which point we head to NY for 2 weeks and will be transitioning her during that point (since she has to sleep in a pack and play then anyways!). We hoped (& still do) that our house will sell by the time we get back from the trip at which point we can move her crib into our new house! Yay!

What happens if not?

As an enteral optimist I’d say, it’ll happen! But, as the date quickly approaches I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’ve been racking my brain for ideas just in case. The only one I’ve come up with is to just continue to use her pack and play in our house after the trip? Pleaseeeee let me know if you have any better ideas!!!!! Haha! Also, I will be googling away to make sure pack and play is ok for extended use. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be, but Google truly is a mom’s best friend (just kidding Savannah & Rachel, you’re both irreplaceable). 

Changing a baby on the floor…

I’ve come to realize how incredible changing tables are! Changing a baby on the floor multiple times daily is not ideal for a post-birthing-mom. Our bodies are already trying so hard to put all our organs back into their right places, mend our lower back after being in a weird tilt for so long, and cinch our uterus back to a pre-baby (or at least as close to as possible) size. Add in holding a baby 24/7, breastfeeding, and picking a baby up and down all day… the last thing you want to add to that list is squatting down to the floor while holding a baby to change a diaper hunched over a changing pad on the floor 8-13 times a day. Yikes. 

Pleaseeeeeeee come back to me changing tableeeeeee! 

The Old Nursery!

…and where my crib is being held hostage!

  • The Snoo (our #1 recommendation for a bassinet that helps baby sleep)

  • The Hatch Baby Grow smart changing pad – it weighs your little

  • Hatch Baby night light – Amazing for toddlers as well cause it changes color at certain times. AKA you teach your little that they can’t leave their room until the light turns from blue to red… etc… Also, it’s a sound machine!

  • Sound machine – the best to travel with, also just amazing! Coulter and I used it in our room and slept like babies 😉 It’s now in Senna’s nursery by the door for nap time to drown out noise…. Just reminded myself to amazon a new one for Coulter and I again!!

  • MY CRIB!!!! I love the look of this crib!!!! It was just so fun. This is the “normal” style crib, and this one is the even more retro fun crib (I kept going back and forth with this crib and mine, and the only reason I went with my crib was for dark wood… I honestly liked this look even more!).

  • My changing table – matches with the crib!

  • Pineapple Crate and Barrel basket – I used as a hamper, but will use for toys in the new house cause we have a hamper in the closet now.

  • Bookshelf / toy shelf from Crate and Barrel – I searched through soooo many sites looking for a specific look and also a shorter/smaller shelf to fit this room. I am IN LOVE with this shelf!

  • All that aside, Snoo has been amazing and I’m sad that it’s transition time! 

  • Sleep training & the “cry it out” weren’t too bad & I promise to share my experience with that next week!

  • The new house still has boxes all over the garage (see post here), but I’ve come to realize that my car just loves the driveway!  I’m purely trying to cater to its needs. 

  • Lastly, baby girl is sooooooo alert these days! Almost 6 months old & she is just pure & endless entertainment!

With love, Chantelle Paige-Mulligan 

With love,


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